Magical Match Maker For Girls Seeking a Potter guy

Who's your magical match up? Take this Test to find out!

Question 1:What's most important to you in a guy?
Sense of Humor
Question 2:If a friend of yours was in trouble you would:
do anything to help them
get dirt on whomever got them in trouble
RUN ! ! ! ! (you don't want to get in trouble too)
say it was your fault
Question 3:What do you know most about?
practical jokes
helping people
Question 4:If your friends birthday was coming up you'd probably get them:
anything, as long as it's expensive/impressive
something that is sure to make them laugh
something really special
something special that is affordable
Question 5:People consider you to be:
really funny
clever but fun
a great friend
Question 6:You refer to yourself as:
Tons of friends with money to match! =)
Really Funny
A pretty good friend
I don't like to just think about myself, other people are sooo much more interesting
Question 7:Your dream day would be:
At an amusement park with your friends
Anything, as long as you're with your good friends
thinking rude thoughts about that kid who thinks that they're better than evryone else
Spent at the Quidditch World Cup
Question 8:What kind of friend are you?
The one that can make everybody laugh when they are down
A good one, you'll do anything for your friends
A protective one, no one is allowed to say anything bad about my friends
A protective one, no one is allowed to say anything bad about my friends except me
Question 9:Your preferred way of travel is:
Floo Powder
Anyway, as long as it's with your friends
By Broomstick, of course!
Anyway that's impressive
Question 10:Your preferred movie is:
One shared with your friends
A comedy
A nice mix of about everything

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