Wedding Day Wonders!

Tie the knot, hitched at the hip, ready for the ring? Weddings are a very exciting event. There are many choices you have to make about the style, size, theme, and location of your 'big day'. If you are still undecided on what kind of wedding you would like to have, take this quiz to spill your ideas, set your standards, and rid your wedding day wonders!

Question 1:When planning for you wedding day, how many guests do you think make a suitable wedding?
200 or more guests
Just close friends and immediate family
100 guests
50 - 60 guests
Question 2:What season would you want your wedding to be in?
Early summer (May - June)
Doesn't matter what season
Late summer (July-August)
Question 3:What style of dresses/suits would you like your wedding party to wear?
Formal dress with shall (women) & Formal Suits (men)
Sun dresses (women) & Slacks and a dress shirt with tie (men)
Elegant but simple dress (women) & Suit (men)
Long skirt and Top (women) & Dress shorts and shirt (men)
Question 4:How many people would you want in your wedding party. (including brides maids, ushers, flower girls, ring bearer..ect.)
Question 5:What kind of music/musician would you want for your wedding?
Pianist or Organist
Violin, Flute, or harp
Recorded tape of your favourite slow songs
A vocalist
Question 6:What is your idea of a perfect wedding car?
A stretch limousine
A horse and carriage
A Caddy
A Sportcar
Question 7:What kind of bouquet would the brides maid as well as the bride be holding?
No bouquets
Question 8:What is your idea of the perfect honey moon?
A carribean cruise that stops off at deserted islands along the way.
Europe, on a backpacking trip with no plans in mind.
A big city adventure. (Ex: New York, Las Vegas)
Question 9:What would your wedding song most likely be out of the following. (Please pick the closest answer)
Unchained Melody -The Righteous Brothers
The Power of Love - Celine Dion
What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
The latest pop / love song
Question 10:How long would you like to have dated your loved before you get married?
Atleast 5 years before getting married
Doesn't matter, as long as we are in love
About 2 - 3 years before getting married
6 months - 1 year before getting married

This Quiz has been designed by Jill Chernosky.