Are You Kinky (for females)
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Are You Kinky (for females)

Just how kinky are you? Answer the following quiz questions to find out.

Question 1:A very attractive co-worker of your partner's has flirted shamelessly with you at an office party. You would:
Forget it. It's just flirting.
Tell your partner to make him a little jealous.
Fantasize about it next time you masturbate.
Fantasize about it next time you make love with your partner.
Do your best to get the guy in the sack.

Question 2:Have you ever cheated on your partner?
It has crossed my mind a few times, but I have never cheated.
I have physically touched someone else (kissing, making out), but not had full sexual relations.
I have had a one night stand.
I have had a long term affair.

Question 3:When I masturbate, I fantasize about:
Nothing--I never masturbate.
My partner.
A movie star, celebrity, etc.
A friend or co-worker.
A relative.

Question 4:What is your favorite place for masturbation?
Nowhere--I never masturbate.
In my bedroom with the doors locked.
In the bathtub or shower.
Anywhere in the house.
In public.

Question 5:What is your attitude about sex toys?
Disgusting--I never use them.
Never used them but would like to try.
I have used a vibrator.
I have used a vibrator or sex toy for penetration.
I am game for anything with a battery attached!

Question 6:How many of your friend or acquaintances (not counting your partner) excite you sexually?
None--I only have eyes for my partner.
One or two people I know excite me.
Quite a few people I know excite me.
Almost everyone I know can turn me on.
I get excited at the sight of attractive strangers.

Question 7:Compared to your partner's 'equipment', your ideal love would be:
Much shorter or thinner.
A little shorter or thinner.
About the same.
A little larger or thicker.
A lot larger or thicker.

Question 8:Your sister has a hot boyfriend/husband. Would you ever flirt with or fantasize about him?
Maybe a little.
I have thought about him quite a bit.
I flirt with or fantasize about him regularly.
I have slept with the guy.

Question 9:What of the following is the best fantasy?
An evening with my partner.
Being with an attractive movie star or celebrity
Being with a same sex partner
Being with a friend or relative
Being involved in a group of 3 or more.

Question 10:A very attractive co-worker has been flirting with you for the last few weeks. You would:
Ignore him or tell him to stop
Flirt back a little with no intention of following through.
Flirt back regularly with no intention of following through
Flirt with him with the idea of taking the relationship further.
Let him plainly know you are available.

Question 11:You have cheated with your partner's good looking friend while he is out of town. Would you:
Feel guilty and confess all to my partner.
Drop a little hint here or there that something happened.
Tell my partner I was unfaithful, but not name my lover.
Keep my mouth shut. He doesn't need to know.
Bring it up regularly whenever I argue with my partner.

Question 12:How many physical relationships have you had? (This includes heavy kissing, petting, all the way up to full sexual relations)
Over 10

Question 13:What is your favorite way to pleasure yourself solo?
None--I never masturbate.
Fingers and hands.
I love a good shower.
Vibrators are the greatest
I have used everything available in the local toy store.

Question 14:What is your take on erotic literature or steamy romance novels?
I don't read them
I have read them, but they do nothing for me.
I have read them, and they excite me a little.
I read them regularly, and they turn me on.
They are the best warmup for a little self-love.

Question 15:When I make love with my partner, I am thinking about:
I'll be glad when this is over.
The physical sensation I am experiencing.
Occasionally a fantasy about another creeps in.
I regularly fantasize about another person while making love.
Who I'll make love to tomorrow.

This Quiz has been designed by Sean Combs.