What Your Sexual Preferences Say About You

We all prefer certain things sexually. Take the following quiz to see what these preferences really mean.

Question 1:Your ideal lover would be:
A sophisticated, wealthy partner 10 years older than me.
An educated, attractive lover 10 years younger than me.
A lover of about my age who is reliable but a little out of shape.
A vigorous 18 year old hardbody who I could teach all the ins and outs of love

Question 2:I prefer a lover who is:
physically attractive

Question 3:My sexual tastes run to:
Anything goes--If it can be imagined, I'll do it once.
I prefer a lot of variety in my lovers, because one person just gets boring
I like to experiment with new forms of sexual pleasure, but I have my limits
I prefer routine sex because it is safe and comfortable

Question 4:The best sexual fantasy:
Being in a threesome with two men
Having an fling with my hot neighbor
Having sex with a handsome young hardbody
Having sex with a sister or friend's husband

Question 5:Where is the last place you had sex?
In public
Outdoors, but no one else was around
Somewhere in my house
In my bedroom

Question 6:Was your last sexual experience:
Sex with a new lover
Group sex
Sex with a long term partner

Question 7:How often do you have sex?
Once a month or less
Every 2 weeks
Once a week
2-3 times a week

Question 8:How often do you masturbate (solo sex, no partner present?)
Once a month or less
Every 2 weeks
2-3 times a week

Question 9:I prefer:
The thrill of an illicit relationship
A partner of my own sex
A partner I am comfortable with

Question 10:If I could change one thing about my partner, I wish he:
was shorter
was taller
had a bigger penis
weighed less
was better looking

This Quiz has been designed by Sean Combs.