Which Epi Character Are You?

Do you love to cook but rarely talk about it? Do your best friends live thousands of miles away from you, and you've never met? Figure out if you're a Glennys, a Karla, a Di or a Wu!

Question 1:What's your idea of a perfect meal?
Chicken fried steak
An exquisitely prepared petite filet mignon
Chocolate and lots of it!
Fush 'n chups
Question 2:What's your idea of a perfect evening out on the town?
I don't go out, I have everything I need at the estate
Hanging your underwear on a shark
Spending quality time at the fabric store
Stuffing dollars into the g-string of a studly male stripper
Question 3:If you could marry a movie star, who would it be?
Aldo Ray
I don't go to movies, I'm not a consumer
Alain Delon
Jeff Daniels
Question 4:What's your favorite type of music?
I like all kinds of music except that rap crap
The blues
All bagpipes, all the time
Question 5:Who's your favorite singer?
Andrea Bocelli
Steve Tyrell
Merle Haggard
Leonard Cohen
Question 6:Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Attack chickens
No animals, please, I've just had the ballroom floor polished
Question 7:What's your favorite mode of transportation?
Big ole honkin' luxury sedan
Harley Davidson
I prefer walking
Question 8:How many cookbooks do you own?
I have a chef, I don't need cookbooks
A few choice ones
My dog ate my cookbooks
Question 9:What's your ideal occupation?
Work is for other people, I lounge
What day is it?
Owning a fabric store or a chocolate factory
Love slave
Question 10:Your favorite snack food?
Beer sticks
Beef jerky
Lotus blossoms

This Quiz has been designed by Rufus T. Firefly.