What color are you?
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What color are you?

I think this is fairly self-explanatory.

Question 1:You're taking a career test and you're asked to write your dream job. You answer:
General, I love telling people what do
President, Speeches and trying to win respect is what I'm about.
Doctor, Using my superior skills to do things other's can't do themselves
CEO, Having people trying to suck up to me is the dream.
Vice-President, A high up guy but I still have a boss in case I don't know what to do

Question 2:Favorite Food?
Steak and potatoes
Whatever everyone else is getting
Most expensive thing on the menu
Fish and wine
Whatever my parent/significant other makes me.

Question 3:You're bored on a plane, you pull something out of your carry-on to read. It is:
War and Peace
My report for school/work
Sports Illustrated
Collected works of Shakespeare
People magazine

Question 4:What color do you think you're going to end up being?
Black, it's an intimidating color.
I don't know... maybe orange?
Probably purple, it's a very refined color.
Blue, everyone likes blue.
As fierce as I am? Gotta be red.

Question 5:What's your favorite animal?

Question 6:Uh oh. By some twist of fate you've transported yourself inside Wizard of Oz... you are?
a Flying Monkey
The Tin Man
A lion, tiger, or bear, Oh my!

Question 7:Who is your favorite character on FRIENDS (If you don't watch it then skip it.)
Chandler, he doesn't take crap from anyone.
Joey, he's friendly, funny and doesn't cause trouble.
Rachel, everyone likes Jennifer Aniston!
Monica, obsessed with perfection just like me.
Phoebe's the most spiritual, but Ross is quite intelligent. It's a toss-up.

Question 8:Have you read Harry Potter?
I read the first book, realized how juvenile it is and haven't read the rest.
Of course, who hasn't?
Yes, and I can kick Voldemort's ass.
Yeah, it was alright.
No, I haven't got time for that.

Question 9:Is the glass half-empty or half-full.
Half-full and half-empty are the same thing....
Do you think I'm stupid? Whatever answer I choose will either correspond to pessimist or optimist, and I can't get an accurate reading if I already know how to answer.
It was half empty but I re-filled it.
I don't drink out of glasses, I drink out of mugs.
I don't know.... what is your glass?

Question 10:Why aren't the keys of a keyboard in alphabetical order?
Because they're just not. Don't question everything.
They're in order of frequency used. Everyone knows that.
Look, can we keep the pointless questions to a minimum, I have stuff to do.
Uhm.... 'cause Q is the most liked letter and M is the least liked?
Who do I look like. Mr. Keyboard Expert? How the hell should I know?

Question 11:Almost every online test has a "joke" answer. Which one was the joke answer that time?
Well certainly not the third one, for that was the only one correct. Depends on what you're looking for the first one was sarcastic, the second enigmatic, the fourth one was just plain stupid and the last one was oddly subtle.
The fourth one! It's the fourth one isn't it! I knew it! *glances around looking at people* The fourth one was the one I picked, I'm pretty funny are I not?
The first one probably. He he, Mr. Keyboard Expert.
They were all jokes except for this one and the third one, weren't they?
What did I JUST tell you about pointless questions?

Question 12:If you're name was William what would you go by?
Will, that's got to be the most popular
Bill, it's the strongest sounding name.
I'm starting to agree with the answer who is always frustrated with all the pointless questions.
My name isn't William, so it doesn't matter. Move on.
William, my parents named me William so I'll go by William

Question 13:Favorite day of the week?
TGIF! Friday!
Sunday, a day of thinking and relaxation.
Saturday, I'm out of work and get a chance to go do something I want to do.
Monday, back to the grind and bossing people around.
Don't have one.

Question 14:If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to hear it... Does it make a sound?
Of course it does. There's a way to test it too. Set up a video camera near a tree that is set to fall over, wait a few hours for it to have fallen over then check the video camera, no one was around and it still makes a sound.
Uh.......NO! Ha ha, I'm unique. Everyone likes a unique guy. Wait, If I'm unique I'm doing not doing the most popular thing. WAIT WAIT! SWITCH IT! It does make a sound.
I'm sure it does.
I have no time for Philosophy.

Question 15:Favorite Beatle?
I like'm all the same
John Lennon
They were one entity. To dissect them is frivolous.
Paul McCartney
I don't like the Beatles and I don't have to, so shut up!

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