Which King Lear Character are You?

I once took a British Literature class that focused solely on Shakespeare's "King Lear." Now I can make this exciting test for you to take. Don't have too much fun! For each question, pick the answer that best suits you.

Question 1:Would you lie to others for your own benefit?
No, of course not *fingers crossed*
Only if it were to save my life
No, but I might be lying to myself
I am incapable of telling a lie
Question 2:Your best quality is:
My status
My sex appeal
My purity
My ability to manipulate
My virtue
Question 3:When it comes to intimate relationships, you are:
I would be monogamous if i *had* a significant other
I do not have intimate relationships
Faithful to my love
Monogamous.*unless* . . .
Very promiscuous
Question 4:Your goal in life is:
To care for my loved ones
To fill my own needs
To get rich, get laid, and get rid of everyone who’s in my way
To die
To bring justice to whatever it is I feel is unjust
Question 5:What do you read most often?
Gothic/horror fiction
“How to” texts on gaining money and power
Romance novels
I do not read anymore. . .oh, my eyes!
Question 6:Your current state of mind can be best described as:
Question 7:Earth is:
One with Man
the planet we live on
Question 8:Are you crazy?
I believe that I am!
Well, maybe a *little.*
Fortunately, I am not.
scoobledeewhah? HAHAHA! ....growl....
We are all crazy
Question 9:You own:
Nothing, anymore. . .
Not much
Question 10:Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Why don't you decide?
I'm sorry, but could you repeat the question?
I am not a witch! *scoffs*

This Quiz has been designed by Melissa Feuerstein.