Are you meant for Carrie, Nadya, or Sandy?

Three college girls, three best friends, three completely different personalities

Question 1:If you went to the mall, where would you most likely be seen in?
The Museum Company
Barnes and Nobles
Question 2:What appeals to you the most?
5’6”, medium brown hair, brown eyes, olive skinned
5’5, dark brown hair, grey eyes, tan skinned
5’7”, light brown hair, green eyes, white skinned
Question 3:What movie are you most likely to watch?
The Lord of the Rings
Good Will Hunting
Star Wars
Question 4:What book are you most likely going to read?
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Question 5:What type of clothes would you want your ideal girlfriend to wear?
Comfortable Trendy
Question 6:What's your favorite dessert?
Chocolate Cake
Caramel Wafer Cookies
Question 7:Where would you want to live?
Washington D.C.
Question 8:What occupation would you want your girlfriend to pursue?
Physician's Assistant
Question 9:Which character do you think is most like you?
Heath Ledger as Gabriel Martin in the Patriot (handsome,courageous, headstrong, etc)
Hugh Grant as William Thacker in Notting Hill (shy, cute, modest, etc)
Zach Braff as Dr. Dorian from Scrubs (innocent, funny, hot, etc)
Question 10:Your ideal date is a . . .
picnic on a grassy field
movie and then head off to a cafe afterwards
ice skating and then dinner at trendy Italian restaurant
Question 11:What television show are you most likely to watch?
Question 12:What type of kiss do you really go for?
soft sensual kisses
long lingering kisses
short passionate kisses
Question 13:Your idea of an intimate moment is . . .
cuddling on the couch infront of a warm fireplace
cooking together and feeding each other
bubble bath with champagne and strawberries
Question 14:What is your favorite season?
Question 15:What kind of gift would you get your girlfriend on any random occasion?
Chocolates or Candy
Something homemade
Question 16:If you decided to serenade your girlfriend, which song are you most likely to chose?
"Stellar" by Incubus
"Something Stupid" by Frank Sinatra
"You're My Number One" by Enrique Iglesias
Question 17:What clothing store are you most likely to be seen in?
Abercrombie and Fitch
Old Navy
J. Crew
Question 18:What is your dream car?
Toyota Rav 4
Audi TT
Question 19:What subject interests you the most?
World Affairs
Question 20:What would you classify yourself as into Eastern Philosophy or Western Philosophy?
A mix of both

This Quiz has been designed by Lara Croft.