What's Your Spirit?

Ever wonder what kind of spirit you hold? A mystical one? Spiritual? Dark? Find out here!

Question 1:What would you most likely be found dreaming of?
How to take over the world
Other Worlds
Question 2:If someone were to ask you to come with them on a month long trip and wanted YOU to choose where to go, where would you choose?
New York, California
Ireland, Scotland, Iceland
Rocky Mountains, Wild Forest
Question 3:How do you explain life?
Just a phase
A time to worship your god/goddess
A time to get in touch with nature and animals
Question 4:Where would you rather live?
City w/ tall buildings on every corner
A beach house
A cottage in the woods
Question 5:If you could have a special ability, what would it be?
X-ray vision
Psychic Medium
Mind Reading
Question 6:What kind of fantasy creature would you be?
Question 7:Which of these environments are most appealing?
A cubicle with computers and papers all over the place
A cave on a mountain side
A tree circle with a stream running through it and a small cottage
Question 8:Which do you most prefer?
Sun and shine
Dark and gloomy
Rainy with a hint of fog
Question 9:What would you rather have control over?
The Earth
Other people's minds
An entire kingdom
Question 10:Last but not least, what is your favorite element?
Wind, Earth

This Quiz has been designed by Diana.