How well do you know "Natural Born Killers"?

Have you ever seen the movie Natural Born Killers? How well did you pay attention? Did you really dig the movie?

Question 1:Who directed the movie?
Olivier Paniz
Oliver Stone
Guy Ritchie
Steven Spielberg
Question 2:Who play Mickey and Mallory in this movie?
Clint Eastwood & Julia Roberts
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Woody Harrelson & Juliette Lewis
Mike Tyson & Pink
Question 3:How did Mickey kill Mallory's father?
Gunshot between the eyes
Broke his neck with his bare hands
Suffocated with a pillow
Drowned in his aquarium
Question 4:Why did Mallory kill the boy at the gasstation?
Because he gave her some bad head
Because she didn't like the look on his face
Because he scratched a Chevy with his zipper
Question 5:Who played the disturbed warden?
Tommy Lee Jones
Tommy Lee
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton
Mariah Carey
Question 6:Of all the people he kills during this movie, Mickey regrets only one kill... which one?
The Olympic bicyclist champion
The cop at the donut-shop
The warden
The old Indian guy
Question 7:Who does Mickey regard as the King of Killers?
Jeffrey Dahmer
Harvey Oswald
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hannibal the Cannibal
Charles Manson
Question 8:Who performs the opening song of the movie?
Kurt Cobain
Leonard Cohen
P Diddy
Frank Sinatra
Question 9:Why did Mickey and Mallory got caught halfway the movie?
Mallory got bitten by a snake
Mickey got bitten by a snake
They used snake poison as a drug
The old Indian guy called the cops
They both got bitten by a snake
Question 10:What phrase by Mickey causes a riot in the jail he is in?
Fuck it! I'm a natural born killer...
Shit man, I'm a natural born killer...
Shit man, I'm a fucking killer!
Fuck man, I'm a real killer...
Fuck you, I'm no killer!

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