Are you Salvador Dali?

You could be Salvador Dali and not even know it! It's recommended that you take this test, just in case.

Question 1:Are you a surrealist painter?
Question 2:Do you have a funny mustache?
Question 3:Do you have trouble telling time when your clocks are melting?
Question 4:Do you clocks melt frequently?
Question 5:Does it please you when they do?
Question 6:Do you persistently think about memory, and its persistence?
Question 7:Do you find that you enjoy painting phalluses?
Question 8:Do you strive to be stark raving mad?
Question 9:Has anyone ever referred to you as "Salvador" or "Señor Dali?"
Question 10:Have you ever covered yourself in goat feces?

This Quiz has been designed by Ernie Walden.