How Much Do You Know about Country Music?

Think that you know it all about country music? Take this test and find out how much you really know.

Question 1:Who sings the song "Sweet Home Alabama"?
Lynard Skynard
Garth Brooks
Dolly Parton
Question 2:Who wrote the song "Shameless" for Garth Brooks?
Garth Brooks
Willie Nelson
Billy Joel
Question 3:What country star's first hit was "My Love Goes On"?
Chris Cagle
Phil Vasser
Mark Wills
Question 4:Where is Shania Twain originally from?
Question 5:Which of this country females is not from Mississippi?
Faith Hill
Leanne Rimes
Shania Twain
Question 6:Complete this Phil Vasser Lyric: Oh, uh another six pack summer. Come and...
sit with me and get drunk.
Sing to me baby, I'll be your dashboard drummer
slepp with me this is gonna be a bummer.
Question 7:Who is Faith Hill married to?
Kenny Chesney
Alan Jackson
Tim McGraw
Question 8:What was painted on the side of the truck in Toby Keith's song "Big Ol' Truck"?
Sweet Home Alabama
Catch me if you can
In Your Wildest Dreams
Question 9:What do the letters AHTBA stand for?
All Hail The Big Apple
Americans Have The Best Automobiles
American Honky Tonk Bar Association
Question 10:What were country stars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw arrested for together?
Fighting in a Bar
Stealing a Police Horse
Carrying Guns

This Quiz has been designed by ~~Kelly~~.