Your Kinkiness Factor
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Your Kinkiness Factor

Answer the following questions to get an idea of your level of kinkiness

Question 1:I enjoy giving oral sex.
Question 2:I enjoy receiving oral sex.
Question 3:I have masturbated by myself.
Question 4:I have masturbated with my partner
Question 5:I have used a vibrator.
Question 6:I have used a dildo.
Question 7:I have faked an orgasm.
Question 8:I have had sex with someone other than my partner.
Question 9:Since my partner and I have been together, I have flirted with others.
Question 10:My partner's "equipment" is large enough to fulfill all my needs.
Question 11:I fantasize about my partner.
Question 12:I fantasize about others besides my partner.
Question 13:I have stimulated parts of my body other than my genitals to receive sexual satisfaction.
Question 14:I enjoy bondage.
Question 15:I enjoy sexual role-playing
Question 16:I have engaged in anal sex.
Question 17:I sometimes use erotic pictures or reading material to stimulate my sex drive.
Question 18:I fantasize during masturbation.
Question 19:I enjoy sex in the outdoors.
Question 20:I enjoy sex in a car.
Question 21:I enjoy sex with someone in the next room who might hear.
Question 22:Several of my acquaintances or relatives turn me on.
Question 23:I flirt with members of the opposite sex often.
Question 24:If I could watch or overhear someone having sex without them knowing, it would excite me.
Question 25:I sometimes become sexually excited about attractive actors on TV or the Movies.

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