Which Sesame Street Character are YOU?

Discover your inner fuzzy puppet!

Question 1:When hanging with your friends, you make a joking remark. Your style of humor is most probably:
Question 2:Your residential space would be best described as:
Childlike -- toys decorate your dresser or mantle.
Messy -- when do I have the time to clean?
Immaculate -- everything is in its place.
Comfy -- I sink into my furry furniture and I sleep.
Eccentric -- far from what you would think as Martha Stewart's style.
Question 3:The point of your life is to:
Maintain calmness and equilibrium of self.
Be myself and avoid doing everything society tells me to do.
Leave the world as neat and tidy as can be.
Do whatever I want and enjoy it as thoroughly as possible.
Help others get through their problems.
Question 4:You think the greatest sin is:
Question 5:One day you walk into the psychiatrist's office and you get diagnosed with a personality disorder. The disorder would most likely be:
Dependent -- lack of self confidence or ability to function independently.
Narcissistic -- preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success.
Histrionic -- calling attention to myself.
Schizotypal -- strange, eccentric, sloppy, and unkempt.
Obsessive-compulsive -- excessive devotion to work and doing things my own way.
Question 6:Your favorite childhood toy most likely would be a:
TI-83 calculator
Sandbox truck
Superhero costume
Rubber ducky
Teddy bear
Question 7:If you could slap a label on your philosophy, it would most likely resemble that of a/an:
Nomadic Bedouin
Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritan
Question 8:In your will you stipulate that, after you die, your body is to be taken care of in which of the following ways:
Donate viable organs to medicine, science, or education.
Let it drop and rot.
Sitting shiva.
Cremate it and let the winds sweep the ashes away.
Coffin in the ground.
Question 9:In school, you would most likely belong to which clique:
Theatre freaks
Role-playing dorks
Question 10:When you sing, it is most likely during a time when you are doing what?
Taking a road trip.
Taking a math test.
Taking a dump.
Taking a bath/shower.
Taking a volunteer job.

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