What kind of dog are you?
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What kind of dog are you?

Is your bark worse than your bite?

Question 1:How well do you get along with others?
Very well! I'm always friendly.
I have to get to know them before I feel comfortable.
I'm good with people I trust, everyone else beware.
It depends on my mood. I'll get along if I choose to.

Question 2:How big are you?
I'm tiny
About average
Large and in charge
The biggest you've ever seen!

Question 3:What's your favorite game to play?
Run around the house
Chase your tail
Eat the Thanksgiving Turkey from the dining table

Question 4:What's your name?

Question 5:How many friends do you have?
A few close friends
I get along with everyone, but they're not really my friends.
I have alot of friends
I don't have any. They're afraid of me

Question 6:What would your collar look like?
Red with silver studs
Brown/Black leather
Silver chain
I don't wear one

Question 7:Where do you work?
Manual labor/farming
Around the house or on T.V.
On the streets
Police Station/Fire Dept.

Question 8:What set of words describes you best?
Loyal, loving, playful
Intimidating, strong, useful
Territorial, trusting, innocent
Coy, ambitious, curious

Question 9:What's your favorite season?

Question 10:Where do you live?
A palace
I live all over the place
In the mountains where there's alot of snow
On a farm

Question 11:Where do you like to sleep?
On the floor by the fireplace
On the floor by the bed
On the bed
Anywhere I pass out!

Question 12:What kind of tricks can you do?
Sit for a treat!
Steal a treat!
I don't do tricks.
Anything you want...

Question 13:What do you do if you see someone you love being attacked?
Bark till the cows come home
Attack and then go for help
Attack!!! Until someone gets help
Scare the bad guys off with your growl...

Question 14:How do you get someone's attention?
Just stand there
Stretch and pose
Hang your head and do the puppy eyes...Aww

Question 15:What's your favorite thing to chew on?
Anything I can get my mouth on
Just my food

Question 16:Why would you want to be a dog?
So I can sit, sleep, and play all day...everyday!
Cause I like dogs more than people.
To intimidate people so they'll leave me alone.
No more taxes!!

Question 17:What's your favorite thing to do?
Keep watch

Question 18:What kind of coat do you have?
Long and glossy
Short and soft
Different than most
Thick and warm

Question 19:Who's your favorite Disney character?
Minnie Mouse/Micky Mouse

Question 20:What's your nickname?

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