This test is to see who is the most purist or who has that halo being held up by horns.

Question 1:Have you ever been on a date?
Question 2:Have you ever held hands with someone?
Question 3:Have you ever kissed someone?
Question 4:Have you participated in oral sex?
Question 5:Have you had sex?
Question 6:Have you ever watched porn?
Question 7:Have you ever had "wandering hands" on yourself?
Question 8:Have you had fantasies about other people?
Question 9:Do you have handcuffs?
Question 10:Do you know what DOMINATRIX is?
Question 11:Do you want to be one?
Question 12:FOR MALES AND FEMALES OPINIONS-- DO you think a person who sleeps with 5 people should be considered "slut"?
Question 13:Have you had sex in your dorm room?
Question 14:Have you had sex in your roommates bed?
Question 15:Have you had sex unprotected?

This Quiz has been designed by Heather.