How Dark Is Your Personality?

look no further! this test will determine how do you keep that deep, dank side of your psyche sated...or if exists at all.

Question 1:Do you prefer staying quiet in public places often?
Only if I have to.
Sometimes..but I still talk.
No! I am 100% talkative.

Question 2:Do you write dark poetry?
Yes, lemme show you my works....
A few
Not a lot
What is dark poetry?

Question 3:Are you often depressed?
Yeah. I am right now, even.'s an on-and-off sorta thing.
Yeah, but it has been over long ago.
I'm a shiny, happy person.

Question 4:Ever thought of doing something gruesome to someone?
Matter of fact, I'm thinking of doing something gruesome to the guy who made this test!
Occasionally..but it's far from being a state of mind.
Less Often
No! Killing is bad!

Question 5:What would you say if you knew someone who is into the goth subculture?
Cool. We could get along.

Question 6:Do you listen to death metal/goth/doom/dark wave?
They rock, dude. keep something sated.
Not Too Often
No, I think they're icky.

Question 7:Do you have a lot of black-colored clothes?
Take a look and see if there's any other color...
Sort of...ehehehehe
Not a Lot
What's with black, anyways?

Question 8:Are you comfortable with the lights off in your room?
You bet I am.
I could do without the lights more often than not..
Not really...
The dark scares me.

Question 9:What is your outlook on life in general?
Bleak at best...
Not too bleak, not too good either.
Sorta good...
I'm SOOOOOO happy!

Question 10:Would you want a gargoyle as a headstone when you're buried?
Sure! I sorta fancy a cross though.
I don't mind...
You're scarin the hell outta me!

This Quiz has been designed by Gouki.