Sexual Conservative or Wild Thing?
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Sexual Conservative or Wild Thing?

All of us have different ideas of what is taboo and permissible sexually. Take the following test to see where you stand.

Question 1:What is your take on infidelity (to a spouse or lover)?
I would never even consider it.
It is fun to fantasize about, but I would never do it.
I might do that if the opportunity presented itself.
I have been unfaithful to my spouse or lover

Question 2:What is your take on solo masturbation?
I think it is ok and do it occasionally.
I never, ever masturbate
I masturbate regularly.
It is my favorite form of sex

Question 3:Do you admit to your friends/partner that you masturbate?
I could never tell them that.
I never, ever masturbate.
I will admit it, but I am not comfortable with it.
I admit it willingly, it is a natural thing, after all.

Question 4:Does your spouse/partner masturbate?
I have no idea
I suspect he does, but I don't know
I am sure he does
We masturbate together

Question 5:Have you found your g-spot while masturbating?
I have no desire to find it.
I only masturbate my clitoris
I have actively searched for my g-spot with my spouse or by myself
I regularly have g-spot orgasms while masturbating

Question 6:What about female ejaculation?
I have no interest in female ejaculation.
I have never done it, but would like to.
I think I have, once or twice.
I ejaculate regularly

Question 7:How do you feel about receiving oral sex?
I don't like it at all.
It is ok, but my partner doesn't give it very well
It is ok, but I'd rather do other things.
I absolutely love it

Question 8:How do you feel about giving oral sex?
I hate it
I don't enjoy it, but will do it occasionally
I enjoy it
I love it

Question 9:What kind of sex fantasies do you have?
None, I never fantasize
Sexual images without plot
Sexual images with a script and chain of events
Detailed fantasies in which I act out all my wishes

Question 10:How often do you fantasize?
I never fantasize
Once or twice a month

Question 11:Who populates your fantasies?
I don't fantasize
My partner only
My partner and a few others
A large cast of attractive lovers

Question 12:How would you improve your man's "equipment"?
No change
A little longer
A little thicker
Both longer and thicker

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