Are You Soul Mates?

Are you a Perfect Match, a Fix-R-Upper or on Rocky Ground

Question 1:What would be his reaction if you said "I Love You"?
I love you too
Ok cool
Oh, right
Question 2:At a party he would most likely be:
By your side most of the night
Going between you and his mates
Sucking beer from the keg all night long
Question 3:On your birthday he would:
Buy you a present and take you to dinner
Get you a card
You don't see him on your birthday, as he's going out with his mates
Question 4:When taking you out to dinner he would suggest:
A nice restaurant
Sizzler or an "all you can eat" place
Question 5:Your parents:
Don't like him
Have never met him
Like him
Question 6:You have double booked your Saturday night. You are supposed to go out with your boyfriend to a movie, but it is also your sisters birthday. He says:
No worries, I'll see you tomorrow
If you don't keep the date than just forget is all together
Try and get out of it. If you can't don't worry, I'll meet up with the guys
Question 7:When getting ready to go out you ask your boy how you look (you are wearing a pretty ugly shirt). He says:
That looks gross!
Huh? Yeah, whatever you look fine
Maybe you should put on your blue shirt, that looks heaps nice
Question 8:Your boyfriend is meeting you at 7.00. He:
Turns up late
Rings and says that he will be late
Meets you right on time
Question 9:How long have you been going out?
About 2 weeks
Over a year
Under a year
Question 10:When going to a movie he:
Offers to pay
Offers to go halves
Expects you to pay

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