Which of two anime females are you like?
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Which of two anime females are you like?

^_~ See which anime female you're like!

Question 1:Your best friend has a boyfriend, how do you feel?
Your jealous but you don't say so.
Secretly plot to steal him away, besides, you saw him first!
Aww, I wish I could've been the one but after all we're friends.
You're happy for them!

Question 2:When I'm depressed I:
Talk to a friend
Sleep, or lie around in bed all day pretending to sleep.
Make a scene and get as much attention as possible.

Question 3:When someone reminds you of your responsibilities you:
You apologize and try to get things done
Have someone else take care of things for you
Snap at them, you know so don't remind you
Run away

Question 4:Your favorite thing is:
Being the best
Luxury living

Question 5:You made a mistake, you:
Blame someone else
Cry about it
Look for advice on how to fix things
You think about it for a minute but then let it go.

Question 6:A friend hurt your feelings by betraying you, you:
Try and work things out, two wrongs don't make a right.
Get even! She deserves it!
Wait and see if she really meant to.
You'll never forgive her.

Question 7:Your friend is sick, what do you do?
Try and cheer them up!
Call them on the phone.
Stay away from them! I don't want to catch it!
It's their fault for staying out in the rain and catching a cold. They can suffer alone.

Question 8:Everyone knows I am:
Clumsy yet funny

Question 9:Winning is:
A challenge. Outsmarting someone makes me gloat!
Not important as long as everyone has fun.
Fun, but not if someone's a sore loser.
Everything! Everyone loves a winner!

Question 10:You are given two choices by an omnipotent being. You can A: allow the person you love to live, or B: let them die and save humanity. What do you choose?
Can we make a deal? How about you let my love live and humanity live, I'll be the sacrifice.
I must save humanity. Neither one of us could live knowing the price.
Screw everything! I'll do what I want, Mr. Omnipotent! It's my way or the highway.
So what if Humanity dies, there's no reason to live anyway if the one I love dies.

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