What's Your High School Label?

"You see us as you want to see us, in the most convenient definitions" -The Breakfast Club

Question 1:Of the following, which most closely matches your every day attire?
Something black with metal and maybe a cape.
Athletic Jersey/ Khakis and a sweater.
Very large pants and a wife beater.
Long skirt and peasant top/ Tie-dye shirt
Something I made myself.
Question 2:Of the following, which is your favorite movie?
Interview With The Vampire (or other horror movie)
Friday/ Cheech & Chong/ 8 Mile
A Beautiful Mind (or a documentary)
American Pie
Question 3:How do you spend your free time?
Making/Listening to music/writing poetry
Camping/Enjoying the great outdoors.
Extra-curricular activities.
Communicating with the dead.
Getting into trouble/ Cruising the town
Question 4:Favorite tv show?
Direct Effect
VH1: Behind The Music
ESPN/ Friends
Anything on Discovery Channel
Unsolved Mysteries
Question 5:What animal will you be in your next life?
bat/black cat
Question 6:Must-have item?
love beads/ friendship bracelets/ incense
Large cross necklace/pendant filled with blood
cell phone/ athletic equipment
Rolex watch (or something equally flashy)
glasses/good book/black beret
Question 7:Ideal mode of transportation?
Pontiac Aztec
van with lots of decorations
Benz with "swine seats"
corvette convertible/SUV
Question 8:Where would you like to live?
East Coast/ West Coast
New York/ Paris/ Milan
Southern California
my hometown
Somewhere cold and dark/ Transylvania
Question 9:Of the following titles, which would your classmates most likely choose for you?
Biggest Flirt
Most Anti-social
Most Easy Going
Best Dressed
Most Likely To Succeed
Question 10:How would you describe your high school experience?
I can't wait to get away from all these shallow people and into the real world.
It's like a scene from "Carrie".
I don't really remember it. Kinda floated through it all.
I met lots of honeys, yo.
These were the best four years of my life!

This Quiz has been designed by Mel.