Purity Quiz

Question 1:Have you ever held someone’s hand?
Question 2:Have you ever kissed someone?
Question 3:Are you a virgin?
Question 4:Have you ever performed oral sex on someone?
Question 5:Have you ever received oral sex?
Question 6:Do you look at pornographic material of any kind?
Question 7:Have you french kissed someone?
Question 8:Are you very sexually active?
Question 9:Have you ever gotten sexually aroused?
Question 10:Have you ever been on a date?
Question 11:Have you ever danced cheek to cheek?
Question 12:Have you ever told someone that you loved them?
Question 13:Have you ever seen a completely nude member of the opposite sex in the flesh?
Question 14:Have you ever gotten or given a hickey?
Question 15:Have you ever taken a shower with someone in the nude?

This Quiz has been designed by Kasey.