What's your love secret??

Well lets see what your secret is!

Question 1:Have you ever held hands with someone?
Question 2:Do you have any kids?
Question 3:Are you married?
Question 4:Do you come home with hickies on your neck ALL the time?
Question 5:Have you ever had sex?
Question 6:Have you ever cheated?
Question 7:Have you ever kept a secret from your spouse, fiancée, girlfriend/boyfriend?
Question 8:Is your spouses, boy/girlfriend, fiancées name long?
Question 9:Do you like your mates name?
Question 10:Do you like your name?
Question 11:Are your names good together?(tell the truth!!!)
Question 12:Have you and your mate ever got into a BIG BIG fight before?
Question 13:Are you a kind of person to break someone’s heart?
Question 14:Are you a kind of person who would show off your body to anyone?Like people you don't even know?
Question 15:Are you taking this quiz to see what you are about?

This Quiz has been designed by Jennifer.