What is your sexual orientation?

Well? Anyone who fancies Foxy The Vixen (ANYONE) is in for a treat cos she's actually bi!!! Well, that's me and stuff. : !

Question 1:A gorgeous member of the same sex comes in- blond, shiny hair and dazzling deep brown eyes. They come and sit down next to you. How do you feel?
Jealous, get them AWAY from me...
Oooooo.... aroused...

Question 2:They smile at you, looking deep into your eyes. They ask you if you're meeting anyone (you're in a bar by the way). You're not meeting anyone. What do you say?
No, I'm all alone. : )
Yeah, my girl/boyfriend (opposite sex) is coming in two minutes.
We're meeting, aren't we? ; )

Question 3:They ask you if you want a drink...?
I was just thinking of getting one.
No thanks.
Sure, I'll pay for both of us...

Question 4:You talk for a bit and get to know each other. Their name is Jesse/James and they work as a lifeguard at the pool. An attractive member of the opposite sex comes and sits down next to you. They're RAVISHING. What do you do?
Say hi to the other person and keep talking to Jesse/James.
Screw Jesse/James, I'm talking to this babe!!!
Oooooo, I'm getting lucky today!!!

Question 5:Jesse/James starts talking to the new person and it looks like they're interested in each other. What happens next?
Sulk and try to butt in by saying you love everything J/J does. This person is NOT stealing your score...
Sit in the middle and pretend to tell off J/J for ignoring you.
Whisper "wow, he/she's hot," in J/J's ear and go sit next to other person, licking your ice suggestively.

Question 6:Eventually the other person walks off. How do you react?
Say "Wait! Where are you going???"
Mumble "And don't come back!!!"
Yell "Call me!"

Question 7:J/J asks you if you're busy Saturday night. You're not at all (except for slobbing in front of the TV with pizza watching star trek videos). What do you say?
Nope, what about you?
I was just going to say the same thing! Will you go out with me?
Oh yeah, I'm going out with my (aforementioned) boy/girlfriend. I really love them...

Question 8:You arrange to meet at a club. A GAY club. How do you react?
Actually, I'm straight.
Shouldn't we go somewhere else?

Question 9:You go out and you see that gorgeous person outside waiting for a taxi. What do you say?
Oh hi! Want me to wait with you?
Wanna share a taxi? Maybe we could share a bed after...
Nothing. (disgusted tone) Men/women...

Question 10:LAST QUESTION: How do you feel about going out with J/J and other person?
I don't want to ever see J/J again but that OTHER person *whistles*...
I really like J/J and the other person is pretty cute too! I think I like J/J best cos I met him/her first
J/J is gorgeous!!! I'm just so glad that LOSER didn't steal him/her...

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