Kink Meter!
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Kink Meter!

How damn kinky do you get?

Question 1:Do you like to give or receive it in the rump?
Question 2:Have you ever begged for sex?
Question 3:Have you ever at the spinach?
Question 4:Have you ever called someone or been called a slut during sex?
Question 5:Have you ever wrestled in baby oil?
Question 6:Do you enjoy licking or getting your testicles licked?
Question 7:Have you ever given or received a courtesy spit?
Question 8:Have you ever video taped or had nude pictures taken of you?
Question 9:Do you shave your nether regions?
Question 10:Have you shaved a partners nether regions for them?
Question 11:Have you ever told someone or been told to "Eat my ass?"
Question 12:Have you ever given or received a Donkey Punch?
Question 13:Have you ever had sex or been felt beneath the clothes at a crowded bar?
Question 14:Have you ever masturbated knowing that someone was secretly watching you?
Question 15:Have you ever had sex in more than three positions during one sex session?
Question 16:Have you ever had an orgasm from fore play?
Question 17:Do you know what fore play is?
Question 18:Have you ever told some one or been told to "shut up and put in in your mouth!"
Question 19:Have you ever been involved in a three way?
Question 20:Have you ever been involved with more than three people at once?
Question 21:Do you enjoy spanking or being spanked?
Question 22:Have you ever told someone or been told to cum in my ass?
Question 23:Have you ever pleasured yourself while watching others have sex?
Question 24:Is it wrong to pull out and shoot it in someone's face?
Question 25:Do you think the filthier the sex the better?

This Quiz has been designed by Dave.