Are you sexy enough to attract the opposite sex?

Are you sexy enough to attract the opposite sex? Do you notice the opposite sex drawn to you or just plain away from you? How do you handle your situations?

Question 1:While at a party, you:
find your self sitting down talking to a wasted guy about alien abductions.
bump & grind with the hottest kind!
party with your best buds!

Question 2:When asked on a date to a fancy restaurant, you:
tell them you have other plans, even though you don't.
ask if maybe you could just go to the cafe instead. After all, you hate formal dates.
say, "Sure...and maybe later on we go under the moonlight and watch the stars from your camaro?" with a big wink!

Question 3:During class, you see the pick of the litter glancing your way with a mischievous smile, you:
smile sweetly back and think, "Hmmm....I think they like me!"
look away.....they could have caught you staring at them!
send back the mischievous smile and add a little wink!

Question 4:At the football game, you crush saves you a seat in the student section with your guys' whole crowd of friends, you:
sit down instantly and make an excuse to say you are cold so you can cuddle.
say that you promised to sit with your friend tonight, who happens to have a seat open as well.
politely accept and sit next to them, thinking happy thoughts.

Question 5:You find a note in you locker that says, "I think you are hot....please meet me after school by the middle doors!", and you notice that your crush is walking away quickly and glancing back as if checking on
walk by the area and look, to se if your love is waiting for you, but don't really go up because you think, "What if it's not them!"
think that somebody accidentally dropped it in your locker by accident. After all, your locker is right next to a lot of hot people.
go straight there after school, you are sure it's them, and if it's not, maybe you will have a new hot fling!

Question 6:Your hear a rumor that the puppy you have been chasing is chasing you as well! You:
can not believe that it cold ever be possible. You let it slip your mind and by the next day, you've forgotten all about it.
go straight to them and confess that you love them too! You just know that the rumor is true!
ask you best friend to root around and find out if it's true!

Question 7:You are going on a date with the hot fudge you've been drooling about. You wear:
an awesome new outfit that goes with the latest and sexiest trends. Only the best for the best to be with the best!
a nice casual outfit with a little snaz.
what you normally wear. No sense in going out of your way!

Question 8:While on the date, your fudge only gets one milkshake with two straws. You:
drink it with them, and look into their eyes and smile. You think it's so romantic!
you take sips only after they have. You are embarrassed to drink it at the same time.
drink it and look mischievously at them. Your heads slowly become closer and you end up sharing the same straw! (and spit!)

Question 9:On the way home, in the car, your date is ready to kiss(maybe even again!;)). You:
Plant the hottest one you can on them! First impressions are important!
politely say, "I don't kiss on a first date!", while backing away so they get a swing and a miss!
sweetly kiss them. No tongue yet though, that's for next time.

Question 10:When they call you, you talk about:
How it was a nice date and you are glad you went.
How you enjoyed the date and hope to go out again! And maybe share a better kiss!
How you enjoyed the steamy kiss(es!) and hope you go out again and try a better one!

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