Which Fruit are you?

Ever Wondered which fruit you would be? We'll now that question is finally answered!

Question 1:Which would you rather do on a Saturday?
Help out at a food shelter.
Try and pick up some girls/guys
Stay by yourself all day
Go to the mall or movies with your friends, and maybe a sleep over too!
Question 2:It's way too early and your alarm goes off.... What do you do?
Wake up, knowing you can call your boyfriend/girlfriend
Wake up and greet the day
Roll over and go back to sleep with the alarm still beeping
Get up and call your best friend to talk about the days plans
Question 3:Your at school, which would you must likely be seen doing?
Talking to your friends
You'd be by yourself, in a corner reading or something like that
Doing something for someone else
Question 4:If you could have any pet which one would you have?
A huge snake
A member of the cat family
A cute bouncy little puppy
Any pet that I rescued
Question 5:Which of the following would you rather go to on a first date?
Dinner and movie is fine with me!
I DON'T date
Something like the zoo
Somewhere sexy, like the hottest dance club
Question 6:Of the movie types below Which is you favorite?
Anything with Brad Pitt- because he's so damn hot!
Any movie that me and all my friends will like
A horror movie
An animal movie
Question 7:Which is your favorite?
Question 8:Which is more like you?
I have lots of friends! The more the merrier!
I don't have any friends, I keep to myself
All I need is my girlfriend/boyfriend!
I have a few close friends
Question 9:What would you do if you won one million dollars?
Keep it all for myself
Donate all the money to charities
Attract all the members of the opposite sex as possible
Throw a big party for all my friends
Question 10:Ok last question... What do you think of yourself?
I'm dead Sexy!
I have a ton of great friends!
I don't know! why are you asking me!
Well, I like to help others..

This Quiz has been designed by Ginny.