Are you a prostitute/pimp?

This test is done entirely in rhyme ( except the intro- DUH )and if you actually understand it, you can find out if you would do it with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Take it NOW!!!

Question 1:Would you do it like a dog?
Question 2:Would you masturbate a log?
Question 3:Would you do it to get some dough?
Question 4:..... even if they didn't know???
Question 5:Would you do it then tell your friends?
Question 6:..... just to set off some new trends?
Question 7:Would you do it with your dad?
Question 8:Do you think that's not so bad???
Question 9:Would you do it with yourself?
Question 10:...when you're hanging off a shelf?
Question 11:Would you do a 69?
Question 12:..... even if they weren't that fine?
Question 13:Have you ever been caught at it?
Question 14:Are you just a sex fanatic?
Question 15:Would you do it with a pimp?
Question 16:Even if they're totally limp?
Question 17:Would you do it with a gay?
Question 18:Will you do it ANY way???
Question 19:Will you do it out of bed?
Question 20:Would you do it with the undead?
Question 21:Have you ever shagged goodbye?
Question 22:Later, did you wonder why?
Question 23:Have you ever had the URGE?
Question 24:Have you been on a love making splurge?
Question 25:Would you do it in the loo?
Question 26:... when someone else was having a poo?
Question 27:Would you do it with a teacher?
Question 28:Would you do it with a PREACHER???
Question 29:Would you ever do it dirty?
Question 30:Would you do it oh so flirty?
Question 31:Would you do it in the air?
Question 32:If they won't do it, would you care?
Question 33:Would you masturbate your ass?
Question 34:Would you do it with a member of class?
Question 35:Would you do it with the rest???
Question 36:Did you think of pizza whilst doing this test?

This Quiz has been designed by Mistress of Poetry .