A to Z Mysteries Quiz for the competitors

Do you read Ron Roy's A to Z mysteries series, like I do? Well take this quiz to rate your education.

Question 1:What is the First Book in the series?
The Absent Author
The Aleutions Abalone
The Ants Ankle
Question 2:Who are the sleuths?
Dylan, Jennifer and Ryan
Melissa, Adam and Kevin
Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose
Question 3:Which of the two sleuths live on the same street?
Ruth Rose and Josh
Josh and Dink
Dink and Ruth Rose
Question 4:What is Dink's real name?
Dinkus Duncan
Dylan Davis Duncan
Donald David Duncan
Question 5:What is Josh's Last name?
Question 6:Why are Brian and Bradley in some of the stories?
They are Josh's little twin brothers
They are new sleuths
They are Dink's cousin
Question 7:Who is Dinks uncles name?
Uncle Wilson
Uncle Watson
Uncle Warren
Question 8:What is Josh's dogs name?
Question 9:What is Unique about Ruth Roses Attire?
They are all short
they never match
It's all the same color
Question 10:As of Jan. 23 what is the last book that was released?
The Runnaway racehorse
The Real Rabbit
The Rhino's Risk

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