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Lord of the Rings knowledge test
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Lord of the Rings knowledge test

Find out how much you know about the Lord of the Rings. 20 questions mostly from the books, but some from the new films as well.

Question 1:When Frodo left Bag End, who went with him?
Just Sam
Sam, Merry, and Pippin
Strider and his hobbit friends
Sam and Pippin

Question 2:How old was Frodo when he left on his journey?
In his "tweens"

Question 3:Who (in the book) gave the hobbits their first swords/daggers?
Tom Bombadil
They brought them from home

Question 4:Who was the actor in the film who played Gandalf?
Viggo Mortensen
John Rhys-Davies
Ian Holm
Ian McKellen
John Gilbert

Question 5:How does the line go in the poem about the Ring that refers to the elves?
Five Rings for Elven-lords living in the trees
Three Rings for Evlen-lords, fairest of all
Three Rings for Elven-kings under the sky
The elves were also given rings...
One Ring to rule them all...

Question 6:What was the name of the sword that was broken, when it was broken; when it was reforged?
The shards of Anduril; Narsil
Isuldor's sword; Aragorn's sword
The shards of Narsil; Anduril
The shards of Orcrist; Orodruin
The shards of Narsil; Orcrist

Question 7:(Time for an easy one) Who wrote the fellowship of the Ring?
J. R. R. Token
J. R. Tolkien
J. R. R. Talkalot
Peter Jackson
J. R. R. Tolkien

Question 8:How, if at all, is the One Ring destroyed in the end?
Sam destroys the Ring after Frodo is killed by "her"
Frodo casts the One Ring reluctantly into the fires of Mount Doom
"Gandalf the Gold" shows up at the last minute and is able to convince Frodo to throw the Ring into Mount Doom
The Ring isn't destroyed, Gollom betrays the hobbits and takes it back
Gollom bites the Ring off Frodo's hand and falls into Mount Doom.

Question 9:Who raised Aragorn?
The Rangers
His mother after Arathorn died

Question 10:What happens to Arwen?
She goes into the West with her people
She marries Aragorn as the queen of Gondor
She is slain in the final battle, much to the grief of Aragorn and her father
The story doesn't make it clear
She grows tired of men and settles in the Shire

Question 11:From the film and book; what is Legalos' gift from the Lady Galadriel?
A mirror, so he can always see how pretty he is
Two dagger, the better to kill orcs with
Nothing, Legolas got jipped.
A new bow, worthy of his skill
A never-ending supply of shiny arrows!

Question 12:What does the king of Gondor send to Theoden to beseech his aid?
A silver dagger
A silver arrow
A red dagger
A red arrow
An apple pie

Question 13:During the Ent gathering, Merry and Pippin were introduced to another ent who they stayed with during the meeting, what was his name?

Question 14:What is the path that Aragorn and the Dunedain take to Gondor (if, that is, he goes at all)?
They take the Gap of Rohan
They take the Anduin crossing
They take the Paths of the Dead
Aragorn doesn't go to Gondor, he follows Frodo
Aragorn doesn't go to Gondor, he goes back to Arwen

Question 15:What is the name that Eowyn goes by on her way to Gondor?
Uh... Eowyn, duh!

Question 16:One character ends up swearing loyalty to the king of Gondor, and another to the king of Rohan. Who swore loyalty to Theoden?

Question 17:and to Denethor?

Question 18:What is the name of the elven-city Galadriel dwells in?
Cerin Amroth
Caras Galadhon

Question 19:In Lothlorien, in the film, Legolas comments that one small bite of lembas can fill the stomach of a full grown man, Merry then asks Pippin how many he's had. What is Pippin's reply?
I ate them all...

Question 20:(One more easy one to give you a break) What was the date of Frodo and Bilbo's birthdays?
September 20
November 22
December 20
September 22
It does not say

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