How much do you know about Gavin Creel?

Take this quiz to test how much you know about him...

Question 1:From which college did Gavin graduate in 1998?
New York University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Minnesota
University of Michigan
Question 2:Which actor did Gavin replace in Bat Boy the Musical?
Sean McCourt
Doug Storm
J.P. Potter
Deven May
Question 3:What popular musical did Gavin participate in a workshop of?
Mamma Mia!
The Producers
42nd Street
Question 4:In <i>Thoroughly Modern Millie</i>, which of these jobs does Jimmy NOT admit to Millie he does?
Usher at a show
Selling popcorn and peanuts at the ball game
Working on the Circle Line
Being a taxi driver
Question 5:At Stars in the Alley 2002, who did Gavin sing "I Turned The Corner" with?
Susan Haefner
Sutton Foster
Catherine Brunell
Question 6:Where did Gavin and his band perform their show, "Pullin' Away"?
Joe's Pub
Don't Tell Mama
The Cutting Room
Question 7:In what show did Gavin sing the songs, "Electric Blues" and "Walking in Space"?
Go Go Beach
Spring Awakening
Question 8:Which of these events did Gavin not take part in?
Stars in the Alley May 2002
Broadway Barks July 2002
Early Show Performance September 2002
Broadway on Broadway September 2002
Question 9:Which famous actress is Gavin co-starring in the "Eloise" movies with?
Julie Andrews
Liza Minnelli
Debbie Reynolds
Lauren Bacall
Question 10:What's his favorite game show?
The Price is Right
Let's Make a Deal
Wheel of Fortune

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