Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Quiz

How well do you know your way around Vice City?

Question 1:Who is the main character?
Sonny Forelli
Lance Vance
Tommy Vercetti
Question 2:Who acts out the voice of the main character?
Ray Liotta
Burt Reynolds
Eddie Murphy
Question 3:What hand does the main character hold the Katana in?
Left hand
There is no Katana
Right hand
Question 4:What is the fastest vehicle in the game?
PCJ 600
Question 5:Who do you take the Assassin jobs from?
Leo Teal
Mr. Black
Sonny Forelli
Question 6:What are the only 2 weapons that can destroy the Rhino?
Rocket Launcher, and Mini-Gun
Rocket Launcher, and Flamethrower
Flamethrower, and Molotov Cocktails
Question 7:What is the nationality of Ricardo Diaz?
Question 8:What is the name of the main character's gang?
The Vercetti Gang
The Mario Bros.
The Vercetti Mafia
Question 9:Who is the traitor at the end of the game?
Earnest Kelly
Sonny Forelli
Lance Vance
Question 10:What are the only 3 weapons (besides the Rocket Launcher) that can shoot down aircraft?
M60, PSGI, and Sniper Rifle
Mini-Gun, Colt Python, Sniper Rifle
Car Bomb, Colt Python, Spaz Shotgun

This Quiz has been designed by Anonymous.