What Type of Dragon Are You?

These mythical beasts have been seen in many sizes, shapes, and forms. They're classified in colors or elements.

Question 1:First of all, are you temperamental?
Yep. Sure am.
A bit....
Not at all
Question 2:What temperatures do you enjoy?
I love the heat
Heat is fine, but it better not get too warm...
Warm is good for me.
I like it cold
Question 3:What's your favorite shades of color ?
I like bright fiery colors
Cool blue, green, and purples for me
Neutral tones
Question 4:So, how many friends do you have?
No one but myself
A few... just a few...
More than 10
I have lots of friends! I'm popular!
Question 5:So, are you depressed alot?
I cry every night... (sob)
Often... but not to the point I'm a complete wreck
A little bit
Not at all
Question 6:Do you like people?
I...hate...people. (roar)
I love people. People rock!
Question 7:Are you ever cruel, even to your mate?
Not really
Question 8:What kind of music do you listen to?
Rock and Heavy Metal
Hip Hop
Question 9:So... how many boy/girlfriends have you ever had? Including your spouse (if you have one, that is)?
One or two
Three or more
Too many to count
Question 10:What types of food do you eat?
Raw meat. Only raw meat
Cooked meat only
I'm a vegetarian
I eat meat and veggies
Question 11:Are you energetic?
I'm always hyper
I'm quite energetic
Not really
I'm always tired
Question 12:Are you possessive?
Yes... I'm still spying on my ex...
Sort of... but not to the point of insanity
Not at all
Question 13:So, what do people label you or did label you in Jr. High and High school?
Question 14:Are people afraid of you?
Yes. Many.
Yes, but I don't know why....
No... what a question...
Question 15:Are you polite to strangers?
No. Never
Only to friendly strangers
Question 16:Tell me, what are people?
Uh... human beings...
Question 17:Are you different?
Sorta kinda
Not at all.
Question 18:Do people hate you for no apparent reason?
Everyone hates me
Some people do....
No one hates me but nobody. I'm too nice
I don't know
Question 19:Do you like the sun?
Yes! I love tanning
Sort of... but too much sun will get you cancer
I prefer the night
Question 20:Last but not least... do you like dragons?
Sort of
NO. I don't know why I'm even taking this....

This Quiz has been designed by Casy.