I or E

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Question 1:Do you have a few close friends, or lots of 'pikey' mates?
Few, close
Middle of the road (Do you vote for the liberal democrats?)
Lots, all bastards!
Question 2:Do you like meeting new people?
It's like jabbing a nail through my head!
It's like a pint of your second favorite beer
It's like a night of pure sex
Question 3:Would your friends say you are reserved?
Like a fully booked hotel!
I really do vote lib dem!
Ding Dang no Dagnabbit!
Question 4:Do you say what you think?
Question 5:Do you need your space?
Stand under the door frame
Come in, sit down, wanna coffee, some food? ... ... etc...
Question 6:New people...
could be satan in disguise
are there
need to be spoken to
Question 7:Breaking up with some one is...
really really hard
piss easy!
Question 8:Do you like unexpected visitors?
Only if they're Aliens
I'm not bothered
I like company
Question 9:Would you say you’re loyal to your boyfriend/girlfriend?
I've never had a girlfriend/Boyfriend
yeah I'm loyal
I shagged her and now I'm gonna shag sum1 else
Question 10:Unrelated tangent: Planky is a sex God... yes or no?
er... no!
Yes Yes YES YEEES!!! (I love you but you’re too damn insane!)

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