Quest Quiz

This quiz will determine if you are worthy enough to go on the toughest Quest ever. There will be a lot of Questions so you better have brought your brain with you.

Question 1:In Mega Man X4, why did Iris stop Zero and Colonel fighting each other?
Cause they were stupid
Cause they forgot there weapons
Cause she didn't want her brother (Colonel) and Zero to die

Question 2:While Sigma was still a Maverick Hunter and Zero was a Maverick, what made Zero malfunction during Sigma's fight against Zero?
Zero was trying to hold back
Seeing Sigma die
Thinking about Iris
Dr. Wily was controlling him

Question 3:What armor of X's let him walk on sharp objects?
Ninja Armor
Blade Armor
Gaia Armor
Ultimate Armor
Falcon Armor

Question 4:During Mega Man X5, what happened to X after Sigma shot both X and Zero making X almost dead?
X got Zero's Z-Saber and wants to avenge Zero's death
X lost his memory of Zero
X had died

Question 5:Mega Man X6 continues from Mega Man X5, so how many days, weeks, or years since the explosion on Earth?
3 weeks
60 days
2 years
3 years and 2 days

Question 6:What did Colonel say to Zero before he died?
"Stop General from destroying Earth"
"Help Me"
"Take care of Iris"

Question 7:In Mega Man X4, when was the only time X talked to Zero?
When Sigma was talking to General
When General made is announcement to the other Reploids
When Zero was fighting Sigma
After the Final Weapon was destroyed

Question 8:On what date and how many years, was Zero supposed to wake up from his long sleep in at the end of Mega Man X6?
August 20, 120 years
September 14, 2 years
January 1, 5 years

Question 9:What was Zero's final thoughts before he died in Mega Man X5?
Hoping X will survive
Thinking about Iris
Hoping X will destroy all Mavericks

Question 10:How did X fight Zero in Mega Man X5?
X was in Ultimate Armor
The same way in Mega Man X2
Zero was a virus

Question 11:In Mega Man X2, you were supposed to collect Zero's parts, if you did collect all parts of Zero, what happened when you were supposed to fight Zero when you first encountered Sigma in Mega Man X2?
X still fought Zero
Sigma made a copy of Zero and was destroyed by the original Zero
X fought Sigma except Zero

Question 12:In Mega Man X1, what happened after Zero sacrificed himself to save X?
Zero said "Goodbye" to X
Zero gave his remaining power to X
Sigma came and completely destroyed Zero

Question 13:In Mega Man X2, Zero had changed weapons from his Z-Buster to what?

Question 14:How long was Iris in the Mage Man X series?
2 games
3 games
4 games
1 game only

Question 15:What would happen if Zero was in his Ultimate Armor?
Defense and speed increased
Sensing and strength increased
Strength in his Saber increased and his defense

Question 16:In Mega Man X5 what is the code for getting X's Ultimate Armor in the character selection screen?
Down twice, Up 9 times
Right twice, Left 3 times, Up 5 times, Down once
Up twice, Down 9 times

Question 17:In Mega Man X5 what is the code for getting Zero's Ultimate Armor in the character selection screen?
Down twice, Up 9 times
Up twice, Down 9 times
Left twice, Right 3 times

Question 18:What does X have to do before going into his Ultimate Armor?
Become Master X
Just stay as Mega Man X
Become Dark X

Question 19:Who is Roll
Zero's sister
X's girlfriend
Zero's girlfriend
X's sister

Question 20:What armor allows X to fly?
Gaia Armor
Ultimate Armor
Blade Armor
Falcon Armor
Ninja Armor

Question 21:What does Zero's giga attack do?
Destroys all enemies on that level
Heals Zero
Damages all enemies near Zero

Question 22:What made Zero get stronger?
Sigma Virus
Zero Virus

Question 23:Who is the leader of the Maverick Hunters?

Question 24:Who is Zero's father?
Dr. Light
Dr. Wily
Dr. Cain

Question 25:Who is Zero's brother?

Question 26:Who is X's father?
Dr. Light
Dr. Cain
Dr. Wily

Question 27:Who did Zero care the most?

Question 28:Who repaired Zero when Sigma defeated him?
Dr. Light
Dr. Wily
Dr. Cain

Question 29:How many bodies did Sigma had up to now?

Question 30:How many times had Zero died?

This Quiz has been designed by Zero.