What digimon would you have?

Did you ever ask yourself what digimon is right for me? 20 questions

Question 1:You come to a magic guy who tells you to pick a digi-egg... You pick...
I don't know
What ever feels right
The roundest one
One with sparkly colors
Question 2:You have to pack a bag of things you will need in the digital world you would bring...
I don't know
A little of everything
Mostly food
Question 3:It's time to chose if your digimon should digivolve you...
Let it, but if it turns into something scary not any more
Tell it not to
I don't know
Question 4:Your digimon would look like...
I don't know
None of the above
A dinosaur
An angel
Question 5:You and your digimon get in an argument
I don't know
You get a new digimon (your not to nice!)
You make up to him/her
You act out a trouble screen so your digimon will come back
Question 6:Your digimon is hurt badly you...
treat it extra nicely
heal it
Yell at him/her
I don't know
Question 7:Your digimon was made...
by a idea you had
You can't remember
I don't know
in your dreams
Question 8:You would like a digimon that could...
Nothing really
I don't know
Question 9:Your digivice color would most likely be...
Something else
I don't know
Question 10:What season do you think you’re from?
Question 11:What gender would your digimon be?
I don't know
Digimon should not be split with genders
Question 12:Would you tell your parents you have a digimon?
they would find out anyway...
Question 13:Would you like to be part of your digimon?
huh... maybe.
I don't know
Question 14:What creast would you have?
Knowledge or Reliability
Hope or Light
Courage or Friendship
Love or Sincerity
Question 15:If you were going to the real world for a while what would you do?
Play some sports
Watch T.V
Beat your digimon at video games
Question 16:When you had to go back to the digital world again how did you react?
You cried
Got re-propared
helping the one cring not to be scared
grab your digimon and go.
Question 17:You have to say good-bye to your parents
I don't know
get it over with
you don't
tell them you'll be back soon
Question 18:Your digimon sadly returned to it's baby form it's because...
I don't know
It's hungry
It's tired
you over worked it
Question 19:What level digimon do you like?
baby- fresh
Question 20:It's time to leave the digiworld and your digimon you...
tell it you'll see it again some day
hug it good bye
give it something that means everything to you

This Quiz has been designed by Rika.