Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?

Plain and clear cut, what Yu Yu Hakusho Character are you?

Question 1:You are...
A street fighter with morals
Inhumanly lucky
Eerily intelligent
Amazingly fast
Question 2:Your weapon of choice is...
Your bear fists
A sword
A Whip
Your Energy
Question 3:You can see through anything, you...
Look through women's clothing
Look through people's clothes to make sure you aren’t fighting girls
Look through safe walls in order to steal things
Look into the stealing guy's pockets to make sure he hasn't stolen anything
Question 4:Someone smaller than you gives you an order, you...
Accept it, your going to steal his cool stuff later anyway
Accept it, you owe your freedom to this guy
Accept it but call him a midget or a toddler
Accept it, albeit unhappily
Question 5:Someone you care about is in trouble, this person is...
your mother or friend
your cat, sister, true love, or friends
your sister
Your girlfriend or partner
Question 6:If you could have any magic power, it would be...
Controlling your energy to shoot and make your stronger
Seeing things with a magical eye
Controlling deadly plants
Seeing things others can’t, and sensing things others cannot.
Question 7:Your biography is called...
My life as an abandoned fire demon
Life, Death, Life, and more death.
My love the demon
The dead fox
Question 8:You can see yourself growing to become...
A professional thief
A street fighter
A professional demon slayer
A gardener
Question 9:You see a demon you have to kill, you...
blast it with your awesome spirit energy
Slicing it into a fine powder with a whip
Slice it into bits with your sword
slash it into bits and destroy its remains with a magical tattoo
Question 10:When you see Yusuke Urimeshi you think...
I'm gonna beat you down Urimeshi!!!
I'm glad to have met him, and am always in his debt
Who's that handsome devil?

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