Which Bombshell Are You?

Hey there, bombshell! We always knew you were a real firecracker, but now it's time to take a deeper look at the TNT behind it all. Just how much power do you pack in your punch? Take this quiz to find out which famous Bombshell you most resemble!

Question 1:On a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon you'd most likely kick up your feet to watch:
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Quo Vadis?
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Question 2:While lounging around the house, you'd most likely be wearing:
A white slip
A man's nightshirt
Black, filmy lingerie
Nothing at all!
Question 3:On a night out with the girls (or the guys!) you'll be found drinking:
Red Wine
A cosmopolitan
A martini
Question 4:Your favorite necklace is:
A gold chain with little dangling charms
A diamond pendant
None - it would take away from men staring at your cleavage!
A simple strand of pearls
Question 5:You like to wear your hair:
The darker, the better
Natural & tousled, like you just got out of bed
In a classic, neat updo
Bleached within an inch of its life
Question 6:Your favorite lipstick is:
A pale pink
A drop-dead red
A natural nude
A lush, clear gloss
Question 7:The shoes you're most often seen wearing are:
Open-toed stilettos
Breezy & comfy sandals
Sensible, yet sexy heels
Ballerina flats
Question 8:You'd like to be married:
As many times as possible!
To start the family you've always wanted
To have a big, strong man to dote on & to worship you!
To have a partner in life to share wonderful experiences
Question 9:The way to a man's heart is:
By giving him a challenge he can't resist
By being naked around him as much as possible
Through his stomach
By being his friend first
Question 10:Your most common mode of transportation is:
A taxi cab
A jumbo jet
An ocean liner
A black stretch limousine
Question 11:For dinner you're most likely to make:
Coq au vin
Question 12:Your favorite color is:

This Quiz has been designed by Bombshell.