Does He Like You?

Find out if your crush likes you here!

Question 1:Does he ever come up to you and start talking?
Only if he wants something.
No, why would he do that?
Question 2:How many times a day do you talk to him?
Whenever he notices me.
At least three times.
Whenever I see him!
Question 3:Do you ever catch him staring at you?
Not really.
Only when I have a piece of broccoli in my teeth
Hell yeah, all the time!
Question 4:Why do you like him?
He cracks me up.
He's really sweet to me.
I think he's attractive.
Question 5:He sees you sitting alone in a corner of a room. What happens next?
Er, nothing.
He comes over to you and starts chatting.
He comes over with a whole group of friends.
Question 6:Why does he notice you?
Because we've been friends for the longest time.
Because he thinks there's something special about me.
Because...I'm there?
Question 7:Did he ever talk about you before?
No, friends don't do that!
Yeah, and I was so mad about it!
Question 8:Why do you think he hasn't asked you out yet?
He's nervous.
Probably cause' I'm gross.
Maybe he likes someone else.
Question 9:When you are talking out loud in English class, what is he doing?
Listening to me
Talking to his friend
Question 10:What was the best compliment he's ever given you?
You're fun!
Compliment? Never heard of such a thing.
You're so nice!
Question 11:Are you in any after-school activities together?
A few
Yeah, we have lots of things in common.
Question 12:You first noticed him because...
He's as hot as hell.
Well, uh, he was just there.
He seems to stick out from everyone else.

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