Do You Know Cowboy Bebop?

Have you seen enough Cowboy Bebop to know these answers...?

Question 1:What Session does Faye Valentine join?
Session 8
Session 2
Session 1
Session 3
Question 2:Where was Ein, the Welsh Corgi, from?
A research lab
On Mars
Hakeem bought him
Ein ran away and Hakeem sold him for money, claiming he was from a lab
Question 3:What Session does Edward start calling Faye "Faye-Faye"?
Session 5
Session 24
Session 28
Session 4
Question 4:Where does Spike go to catch Hakeem, and get Ein from him?
Animal Treasure
Question 5:Which Manga does the Bebop crew get interviewed, and by whom?
3rd Manga; Rachel M. Kazuki
4th Manga; Rachel K. Kazaki
2nd Manga; Rachel H. Miyazawa
2rd Manga; Rachel M. Kazuki
Question 6:Who was the guy that took both Spike Spiegel and Vicious in?
Hibiki Tenryou
Tama Kuzuha
Kyosuke Himejima
Mao Yenrai
Question 7:What was the name Ed made up for herself?
Edward Wong Hau Pepeelu Tivruski 4th
Edward Hau Wong Tivruski 4th
Ed Hau Long Tivrusky 4th
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th
Question 8:What Session was the song "Ave Maria" sang in?
Session 18
Session 5
Session 26
Session 20
Question 9:How many Sessions, including movie(s) have been made for Cowboy Bebop?
Question 10:What Session does Spike meet Andy?
Session 5
Session 28
Session 23
Session 17

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