Are you a Slut???
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Are you a Slut???

Are you a door knob to where everyone gets a turn??? Or are you Little Red Riding Hood???

Question 1:Have you had sex more than 5 times?
Question 2:Have you had sex with more than 5 partners?
Question 3:Have you had sex in the last month?
Question 4:Last week?
Question 5:Have you had sex in the last few hours?
Question 6:Did you have sex last night?
Question 7:Do you enjoy sex?
Question 8:Would you consider yourself a nympho?
Question 9:When you walk in the halls do you turn heads?
Question 10:Of the same sex?
Question 11:Have you ever received a "Booty Call"?
Question 12:Do you know what a "Booty Call" is?
Question 13:Have you ever gave someone a "Booty Call"?
Question 14:Have you ever acted on a "Booty Call"?
Question 15:Do you have more friends of the opposite sex than you do of the same?
Question 16:Do you like it in the butt?
Question 17:Do you like it with animals?
Question 18:What about with your teacher/co-ed?
Question 19:Do a lot of guys/ girls talk to you maily for the purpose of sex?
Question 20:Do members of the same sex hate on you for getting more attention of the opposite sex than them?
Question 21:Would you have sex with someone in your family?
Question 22:Would you lick someone’s ass?
Question 23:Would you have bondage sex with someone?
Question 24:Do you like it when someone shits on your chest?
Question 25:Would you be a pornstar and act in a porn movie?
Question 26:Do you like to cyber with someone everyday?
Question 27:Would have sex with someone different everyday?
Question 28:Do you like it when your partner uses foreign objects?
Question 29:Or do you like to do it to them?
Question 30:Do you like to masturbate in front of your partner?
Question 31:Or do you like it when they do it in front of you?
Question 32:Would you do it for cash?
Question 33:Or for free?
Question 34:How about an item?
Question 35:Are you a groupie?
Question 36:Would you do it with risk of being caught by your parents?
Question 37:Do you want bigger boobs?
Question 38:Do you like to dress like a stripper at times?
Question 39:Do you want to be a stripper?
Question 40:Would you do sex acts in front of people at a party?

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