Should you live in a zoo?

This test will find out, with the latest scientific techniques whether you should actually live in a zoo! Good luck!

Question 1:When at a BBQ do you...
Eat the meat rare.
Wait patiently until the food is done.
Keep moaning because it is not finished.
Question 2:Have you ever wanted to be on a realtiy TV show?
Not really.
Hi, Davina!!!
Question 3:Do you like to have a lot of space?
Not really.
Yes, loads and loads.
I'm the complete opposite to being chlostrophobic.
The smaller the space the better.
Question 4:Do you like crowds?
Small crowds.
I like isolation.
The more the better.
Question 5:How would you feel if you could not meet anybody new?
I usually just stick with the people I know.
I wouldn't care, I have no friends.
That would kill me, I'm a people person.
Question 6:Do you wash your hands after using the toilet?
I use the corner of a room and leave it.
Question 7:Do you have any pets or want any pets?
I hate animals.
Yes/ I want some.
Question 8:What is your ideal job?
Actor/ actress.
Zoo keeper.
Something clerical.
Question 9:If you could be any animal which would you be...
I wouldn't want to be an animal.
Question 10:How often do you cook your own meals?
I let someone else do it, they enjoy it after all.
I always go to restaurants.
I live in McDonalds.

This Quiz has been designed by Andrew.