This is a quiz on the book: all the available light:a Marilyn Monroe reader.

Question 1:When was Marilyn Monroe born and where?
October 13, 1926, Chicago
January 16, 1927, Harbor Dale
December 5, 1927, Hollywood
June 1, 1926, Los Angeles
Question 2:What was Marilyn's mother's name?
Juliana Maratio
Gladys Pearl Baker
Jenny Diaggio
Marissa Monroe
Question 3:What is Marilyn Monroe's real name?
Marilyn Monroe
Catherine Clara Maratio
Norma Jean Baker
Laura Diaggio
Question 4:Who was she first married to and at what age?
Frank Sinatra at twenty-one
Jim Dougherty at sixteen
President Kennedy at twenty-two
Joe Dimagio at eighteen
Question 5:What happened in January of 1935 to Marilyn's mother?
Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic
Dies of a heart attack
Gets breast cancer
Inherits 1 million dollars
Question 6:When did Marilyn appear in her first motion picture?
Question 7:Which one of these movies did Marilyn not appear in?
Some Like It Hot
The Seven Year Itch
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Question 8:Marilyn was known as what in the 20th century?
most famous woman
#1 sex symbol
a slut
Question 9:How many relationships did Marilyn have?
Question 10:Which one of these guys did Marilyn not marry?
Joe Dimaggio
Alfred Kazin
Arthur Miller
Frank Sinatra
Question 11:What impact did Marilyn have on woman?
She irritated them
They were jealous of her
They all loved her
They wanted to be just like her
Question 12:Why couldn't Marilyn have a child during her marriage to Arthur Miller?
She was too busy
Arthur Miller didn't want a child
She couldn’t take the responsibility
She suffered an etopic pregnancy
Question 13:What was the most significant element about her death?
She had a telephone in her hand when she died
She had no scratches on her
No one knows how she died
She died naked
Question 14:What was Marilyn's big dream when she was little?
To be a stripper
To become a movie star
To be a news reporter
To become a police officer
Question 15:When and where does Marilyn die?
June 2, 1962 in a Hollywood Hotel
July 3, 1961in Chicago
June 1, 1962 at her Brentwood home
August 6, 1963 in Los Angeles Home
Question 16:How did Marilyn die?
No one knows for sure
Drug overdose
Heart attack
Breast Cancer
Question 17:When did Marilyn divorce her first husband and why?
January 3, 1946, Was a woman really
March 5, 1946, He had an affair
September 13, 1946, Husband isn't that much use to her and moves east
May 2, 1946, She had an affair
Question 18:When is Marilyn signed a contract with FOX?
May 1945
August 1946
April 1933
June 1947
Question 19:What was Marilyn's main goal on life?
Find a cure for cancer
Become the biggest model on Earth
To satisfy everyone she could
Find true love
Question 20:Is Marilyn still a sex idol today?
no, more of an actress

This Quiz has been designed by Nick Manginelli.