Guys- are you genius, average-minded, or just plain stupid when it comes to girls?

This is for all the guys who want to know how well they deal with and treat the ladies.

Question 1:What's the first thing that comes to your mind (out of the following choices) when I tell you to imagine the girl of your dreams?
Pleasant Surprise
Question 2:Are the nightingales singing loud?
Hey, I love that song!
No, they're singing quite softly and delicately.
Question 3:What colour do you see your future wife's bridal gown as?
Some non-boring colour or shade- not white!
White, so you can see the true beauty lies all within herself, and not depending on what colour dress she wears.
I really don't know... I don't know if I even intend on getting married
Question 4:Which Disney Princess would be your most-favoured girlfriend?
Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty
Princess Jasmine or Ariel
Belle or Snow White
Question 5:Which of the following fruits do you think of most when you hear the word "Love"?
Question 6:What is "Juniper Breeze"?
A way of kissing
The planet when it experiences slight winds
A scent
Question 7:What colour do you think of when I say "girl"?
Question 8:What do you think most girls keep in their diaries?
Any little things that symbolize their "crushes"
Milk cartons
Poems and pictures and love letters
Question 9:Describe what you think a girl would be like just by knowing her name was Nina.
Sassy and stylish
Not very intelligent yet adorable
Wild yet innocent
Question 10:What animal do you think of when I say "You are the king".
Panda bear

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