Which Felicity Character Are You?

Which Felicity character do you identify w/ most...are you intriguing Felicity, Scary Megan, Creative Julie, or Happenin' Elena...Well,lets take the test & find out shall we!

Question 1:What kind of guy do you go for?
The soothe talker
The Jock
The Boy next door
The Brain
Question 2:What were you like in high school?
Studious & Brainy
Wild & Expressive
Artsy & Creative
Question 3:How do you like to dress?
Hippie Style
Question 4:What is you favorite type of music?
Top 40
Question 5:Your Friend would best describe you as?
Studious & Laidback
Creative & Independent
Question 6:Who is your boyfriend most like?
Tracey (Pure & Sensitive)
Ben (Cool, Charismatic, & Cool)
Shawn (Creative & Annoying)
Noel (Brainy, and Cute)
Question 7:At a party which best describes you?
I'd only talk to 1 or 2 people
Quiet & Shy
The Life of the Party
Question 8:When it comes to studying what best describes you?
All work, no play
I'll study then, I take time to relax & have fun
I don't study
I listen to music while I study
Question 9:When it comes to sex what do identify
It good when it's with the right person
I'd like to be in a committed relationship
I'm no virgin, but I'm not out there
I have it whenever I want to & with whomever I want to
Question 10:Why would you go away to college?
To be w/ my boyfriend
I can get a great education anyway
It's in a nice location
To become more independent

This Quiz has been designed by Joy.