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How much do you REALLY know about the Harry Potter Movie?
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How much do you REALLY know about the Harry Potter Movie?

This is a REALLY easy test.... you should get them all right!

Question 1:What did Harry use a broomstick for on his journey to the Sorcerer's Stone?
To save himself
To get Cho's attention
To catch a key

Question 2:What position does Harry play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team?

Question 3:Who plays Dumbledore?
Jack Nicholson
Richard Harris
Daniel Radcliffe

Question 4:What is the Weasley home called?
The Weasley Home
Get away from here of we'll set the house ghost on you!
The Burrow

Question 5:Which house is Ernie MacMillan in?

Question 6:What is the three-headed dog's name?

Question 7:When a muggle looks at Hogwarts, what do they see?
Hogwarts Castle, o' course!
A simple country cottage
An old building in ruins

Question 8:Where does Harry get a butterbeer when they travel to Hogsmeade in the third year?
The Shrieking Shack
Gambol and Japes
The Three Broomsticks

Question 9:What is the wizard street in London?
Knockturn Alley
Privet Drive
Diagon Alley

Question 10:What type of owl is Hedwig?

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