Are you insane?
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Are you insane?

Are you perfectly normal, really boring, or getting to the point of insanity? Find out now!

Question 1:You're at the zoo with your friends. One of them dares you to climb in with the gorillas. What do you do?
I don't go to zoos, I don't have friends, case closed.
I'd jump in, beat my chest, and become ONE with the gorillas! It's my dream! MUAHAHAHA!
Yeah, I'll climb in and do a little dance too!

Question 2:When you go to the beach, what do you do?
Get a tan, eat some ice cream, and maybe even go swimming!
Lure the seagulls into an open area with food, chase them with a stick until I catch one, name it Fredrick, and force it to live in my house, FOREVER!!!
What do you mean, WHEN I go to the beach? I DON'T go to the beach. I DON'T do sun.
Get a twig, write a message to the green men in the sky, then get into the water, and make alien calls all day! heheheh...

Question 3:When you're online, what are you doing most of the time?
I write e-mails to my friends, surf the web, take this stupid quiz, stuff like that.
Now there's something I actually do! Finally. Well, I research for homework.
I'm not usually online, Don't you remember FREDRICK?! I interrogate him.....I know that HE was the one that hid my yellow jellybeans....
Do you REALLY wanna know....hmmmmmmm?

Question 4:The teacher doesn't show up for class. You...
Read a book, or sit quietly until the teacher arrives.
Run past all the desks, exchanging high fives!
Take this time to chat with my friends!
The reason why the teacher didn't arrive, was because me and Fredrick kidnapped her, and interrogated her! I still want those hidden yellow jellybeans...

Question 5:You're walking home from school, when suddenly a stray dog starts following you. You...
Grab his front paws, and do the tango!
I'd throw yellow jellybeans at him, and hiss until he runs away!
Ugh, I hate dogs. I'd run away and try to lose him.
Pet him, he's so cuuute! Maybe I can keep him.

Question 6:What song do you want to be played at your funeral?
No one would come to my funeral.
Something sad and pretty. I don't like thinking about funerals, though.
Funeral? I can't die, I'm Immortal! IMMORTAL!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!
I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!!-I mean, I'd wanna play Macho Man at my funeral! Macho macho maaaan! Yeah!

Question 7:How do people usually describe you?
People don't talk to me.
Actually, whenever I get near people, all they do is smile and nod, then kinda back away...they never seem to make eye contact...
They describe me as nice and fun to be with.
They think I'm a nut, and I'm proud!

Question 8:If you could have a pet, what would it be?
A wallabee....or a penguin!! Yaya! And I could name it Blimey!
I already have Fredrick, and that is enough for me!!!-I might like a squirrel, though...
Probably a dog or cat.
Pets are a waste of money and time.

Question 9:What do you think of when you wake up in the morning?
I'm too tired to wake well, what's for breakfast?
What a pointless question! How about, WHO CARES?!
I wonder if the dust bunnies want to come for tea....
How can I wake up if I never go to sleep?

Question 10:Do you think that you're crazy?
Yep, sure am.
NO! I'm perfectly normal!! In fact, I'm the only normal person in the whole world!! EVERYONE ELSE IS CRAZY, I TELL YA!!
Not really, sometimes I guess...
Crazy is annoying. No.

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