What Era Are You From?

Did you ever wonder what era your persona is?Well, take the quiz & find out!

Question 1:Who is your favorite recording artist?
Britney Spears
Donna Summer
Mariah Carey
Joni Mitchell
Question 2:What's your favorite TV Show?
Mary Tyler Moore
Sex And The City
Melrose Place
The Cosby Show
Question 3:When you go out what you like to dress in most?
Lace & hoops & big hair
Tube tops & hip huggers
Polo tops
Hippie Style
Question 4:What's your favorite movie?
Waiting to Exhale
Top Gun
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Legally Blonde
Saturday Night Fever
Question 5:Who is your Actress/Actor?
John Travolta
Leonardo Dicaprio
Tom Cruise
Audrey Hepburn
Drew Barrymore
Question 6:What's your motto?
Live life be free
Live life to the fullest
Be all that you can be
Always stand up for what you believe in
Always keep them guessing
Question 7:What is your favorite type of food?
Anything Microwavable
Anything that I can grab on the go
Anything organically grown
A good home cooked meal
Anything Delivered
Question 8:When it comes to dating what do you look for in a guy/ girl?
Some one who will hold the car door open for me
Someone I can have fun with
Some one who will support me
Some who wants to be with me all the time
Some one who allows me to be me, & independent
Question 9:When it comes to a career what do you choose?
Owning you own company
Being a star of some sort
Being a executive of a big cooperation/ or company
Something in the art department
Question 10:What is your favorite creation of all time?
Cell phones

This Quiz has been designed by Joy.