Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Do you know all about the fourth novel?

Question 1:What type of report was Percy working on over the summer holidays?
potion mixing
house elfs
flying carpets
Triwizard Tournament
Question 2:What did Ron get after his niffler preformed best?
15 housepoints to Grffyindor
Bertie Bot's Every Flavor Beans
Chocolate Frogs
1 galleon
a bar of Honeydukes finest chocolate
Question 3:What was the campsite director's last name, for the Weasley's?
they didn't give the last name
Question 4:What did Sirius give Harry for Christmas?
a pocket knife
a wand cleaning kit
a broomstick
a dark arts book
family photo album
Question 5:Where did Rita Skeeter have their interview at the Weighing of Wand ceremony?
in the History of Magic classroom
in the broom cupboard
in front of everyone
there was no interview at that time
Question 6:What is Dobby free to call Professor Dumbledore?
old fart
Master Dumbledore
a brainy old man
a barmy old codger
Question 7:What did Voldemort give Pettigrew after Pettigrew cut of his hand?
a new hand
a new metal hand
a sack of galleons
Question 8:What did Hermoine use on her hair at the ball?
Smoothies Hair Potion
Sleekeazy's Hair Potion
Sleezey's Hair Potion
StayStrait Potion
Question 9:What is the prefect's bathroom's password?
pine fresh
lemon fresh
Question 10:What is Moody famous for?
being a death eater
being a crazy man
an auror
his wooden leg and magical eye
drinking from his hipflask

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