Mikes "Game for you" Quiz

What game would be good for you? Unnecessary violence or quiet infiltration?

Question 1:When the enemy attacks, you...
Run in, guns blazing
Lure them with noises, then sneak past
Can't we all just get along?
Wait for them to come around the corner
Blast a hole through the wall, catching them by surprise
Question 2:Ideal environment:
Nice weather, Fresh air
Alien atmosphere
Industrial Complex
Hot and sunny like Egypt
Underground Tunnels
Question 3:Weapon of choice:
Silenced Tranquilizer
Anything you can find
Violence does not solve anything
A bomb with an angry face
Question 4:You have been known to wear most:
Work attire
Skin-tight clothes
Jeans and T-shirt shirt
Some form of Armor
Shorts and shirt with sports logo
Question 5:How’s your attitude?
Somewhat Serious
Seriously Serious
Goofy and Care-free
Question 6:You fight against:
A rainy day
Intelligent Aliens
Screaming Kamikazees
Your own government
The Corporation
Question 7:Your allies:
Are nowhere to bee seen
Work undercover
Fight along-side you
Get themselves killed
Play hide-and-seek with you
Question 8:In multiplayer, you'd battle:
Clones of yourself
Other characters from the game
You don't play multiplayer
Your neighbors
Question 9:When you shoot the enemy:
Get all wet
They alert their colleagues
Hold their ground
They run screaming "We're all gonna DIE!"
Many more appear out of nowhere
Question 10:In times of wait, you:
Fiddle with whatever you're holding
Sit patiently
Take in the scenery
Talk to yourself
Stiff as a statue

This Quiz has been designed by Mike McCall.